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Warning! This contains a little bit of swearing.

This one is from Novel Notice, instead of the site I've been using. It sounded interesting, though. A bit longer because it's supposed to be a scene.

Prompt: "Write a confrontation scene between two characters that is totally comprised of dialogue. This can be fan fiction or original fiction. This is just a scene, not an entire story, so shoot for about 250-500 words. Or more — the number of words isn’t as important as making your dialogue the best it can be.
Use minimal dialogue tags. Whoever is speaking should be clear from what they say and how they say it.
Use your dialogue to provide background information and expose at least one trait about each of your two characters.
Some ideas for a conflict, or come up with your own:
A teen caught stealing
A teen learning that his father is not his biological father
A teen finding out that she has two months to live"

“Move out of my way, asshole,” Ginevra Weasley pushed past the Slytherin, trying to get to her common room before she collapsed after her visit to the Hospital Wing.
“that’s not a very nice this to say,” Draco Malfoy admonished her, “What would your brother say if he heard you say that?”
Ginny was close to tears, “He would probably say, ‘Move out of her way, asshole.’”
Apparently Malfoy could sense something wrong, and like a predator after wounded prey, he wouldn’t let it go. “You shouldn’t be so condescending to your betters,” he towered over her.
“My betters,” the redhead answered sarcastically, “I don’t see anyone other then the piece of slime in front of me.”
Malfoy stepped towards her and Ginny wildly wondered if pissing him off when there were alone in a corridor was such a good idea. Yet a part of her deep down didn’t really care after the news she just got.
“What are you going to do, Malfoy,” Ginny snapped, “hit a girl?”
“Of course not,” his tone grew icy, signaling a dangerous change in the conversation, “Hitting is such a Muggle activity. Wizards use spells.”
“You... you are such an asshole!” Ginny swore angrily.
“Yes,” Malfoy looked at her oddly, “we already covered that point. Should I take house points off for swearing at a Prefect?”
“I’m not swearing at a Prefect,” the Gryffindor mumbled, “I’m swearing because you’re a prick.”
“And you’re being impertinent,” he answered.
“What?” Ginny sputtered.
“It means-”
“I know what it means!” she know fought back tears. Ginny realized that there was no way that this conversation was going to end and tried to walk away.
“Don’t walk away from me,” Malfoy growled grabbing her arm and twisting her towards him.
Her reaction was completely unexpected to him. She simply burst into tears. Now, Malfoy had had students cry during fights. Usually they were first years, but sometimes older students gave off a few tears. But Ginny’s tears were not just a few tears, she was having full on hysterics.
Ginny, of course, would never use the term hysterics for this. She preferred the term ’panic attacks’ for these somewhat rare occasions. Most of the times when she got them, she could control them until she was somewhere alone where she could calm down. They were pretty much unknown to anyone except a few teachers, her family and close friends. The last person she wanted to have one in front of was Draco Malfoy.
It appeared that Malfoy felt the same way as he had a sort of look of panic as Ginny tried to control her own panic.
“Should I get a teacher?” he asked, desperately wanting to get away from the tears.
“Shut up,” Ginny forced out between hyperventilation. She closed her eyes and blocked everything out until she could cam herself down and convinced her brain there was enough air in the room. When she opened her eyes, Malfoy was looking at her with a sort of wariness.
“Shut up,” she repeated, almost embarrassed, then in a commanding tone, “That never happened!”
“i don’t even know what that was!” Malfoy replied.
“It was nothing,” she glared, “as if you need any more things to tease me about.”
“What, trying to make yourself look good for me,” Malfoy preened as Ginny wiped away tears.
“No,” she rolled her eyes, “I’m just trying to protect myself. That never happened.”
Malfoy shrugged, “Sure it didn’t. But I just never know what I might say in a fit of anger. Though I’m sure we could come to some sort of arrangement...”
In her own fit of anger, she said in quiet rage, “Screw you. It won’t even matter in two months.”
“In two months,” Malfoy questioned, “Weasley, school doesn’t end for another four months. Apparently your brain can’t count.”
“you may not get out for anther four months,” Ginny replied, “but school’s ending a lot sooner for me.”
“What?” Malfoy sneered, “the Headmaster finally kicking you out for your lack of intelligence?”
“No,” Ginny took advantage of his distraction to slip away down the hallway, “I’ll be dead.”

Notes: I love D/G, which you might know if you know me. I like what can be a progression of hate, to friendship to attraction. This I thought would be an interesting scene were Ginny was just told that she had two months to live and then gets in a confrontation with Malfoy. Her panic attack is based on the type that I have every once in while when put under a lot of stress. I didn't plan to put it in, then I thought it would be interesting. It gives her another weakness to try to hide, and then Draco, of course, can't hand a girl actually crying.


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