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Ran out of time yesterday. Mondays may end up being my day off. Here's a quick story, cause it's time for bed.

Prompt: 5 April While you dig the soil for a flower-bed, you find a magical dragon bone.

Rachel paused from digging for a moment and looked at what she had achieved. The tangled mess of decaying garden that had been there that morning was now gone, replaced by neat rows of soil. When Rachel had first had the impulse to buy the broken down ranch she had happened upon, she had agreed with her friends that it was crazy. But now that she was turning the place into something beauty, she had a sense of achievement.
But she was crazy, at least that’s what anyone would tell her. A young woman, just out of grad school buying a house. She had seen the ranch as she was driving to visit a friend. It wasn’t on the main road, but Rachel loved exploring out of the way places when she travelled. This ranch was exactly it. She had seen the falling apart place, first viewing it with sadness. Yet at the same time there was something that called her there, a feeling that she had never felt before. Before Rachel knew it, she was calling up the real estate agent and asking the price. She could barely afford it, but couldn’t shake that feeling that it was hers. And then it was. Rachel fixed it up so that she could work long distance and started trying to make the old ranch livable. After making the place safe on the inside, Rachel’s first priority was to make it self-sustainable. She didn’t want to have to drive the distance into town to get food. Which led her to trying to dig a garden.
The dirt had decided to fix back with roots and stones. Rachel wasn’t surprised when she came across another hard object. However, when she picked it up, she realized it was a bone. Her first react was fear it was human, but the little she knew in anatomy suggested that it was too large for human. She expected there wouldn’t be elephants in America, and it was buried too shallow for dinosaur. There was also something to it, something magical. A thought about burying dragon’s teeth popped up into Rachel’s mind but she shook it away. This wasn’t a teeth, and there were not such things as dragons. Yet what she held in her hand made her wonder.

Notes: My knowledge of dragon's teeth come from Mercedes Lackey, not from Ursula Le Guin. (That was her, right? I kinda assume everything's Le Guin.)


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