Mar. 30th, 2011

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I am putting this together as a sort of writing journal to keep everything together. I plan to TRY to do daily writing prompts-or at least once a week, and put some of the other stuff I'm working on like whatI had done, but unedited, of my fan fiction I must actually finish writing. Most of this will probably be barely or unedited because it will be a page I just wrote, you know, to write. Get the brain working.
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Prompt 30/3: “Your child was placed in foster care. You never thought it could happen to YOU, but it has.”

A shooting pain ran down Elise’s arm and she looked at her hand aghast as if not remembering hitting the table with her fist. She had just gotten back from the police department-a place that she had never been so affected by despite the number of times she had gone there. She wasn’t particularly friends with the New York Police Department, although neither were they enemies. She and the chief treated each other a necessary evils, which was quite a normal relationship for a journalist. Sure, cops had caught her for a few violations that she didn’t commit when she realized a big story that they weren’t happy about, but it had never been like this.
John had call her just as she had gotten into office. They probably knew her schedule and had waited for her to leave the house to strike. Her husband was angry; in fact Elise was angry too. But John had asked her not to follow the case and she hadn't listened because she thought she could handle it. She had forgotten what sort of people she was researching. Government officials always had pull and the ones she was looking into had already proven that they just trampled on the law. But they had taken her kids.
Of course they didn’t put it that way down at the precinct. It wasn’t, We took your kids away because Big Brother wants you to stop looking into his business. Instead the truth was covered in lies and exaggerations. They were putting her children into child services because she lived a dangerous lifestyle were people broken into her house and they worried about the kids’ home life. Which was crap, as they proved when Elise went down to demand her children back. She was offered to be let to take them home, but only if she backed away from her case.
If they had known Elise Smith they would know that she never backed down, especially if someone threatened her kids.

Notes: I was watching NCIS today. Guess who watches too many crime shows?


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