Apr. 2nd, 2011

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Prompt: 2/4 “You are elected the mayor of a town you are visiting, but you don't know the language spoken there.”

Kyle was pushed inside the tent... maybe canopy? He wasn’t sure the word. In fact, he wasn’t even sure where he was. He had been sailing, trying to get around the world in some hopes of doing something and he had ended up stranded on an island. Either luckily or unluckily, the island had natives and now they were carting him off to some sort of meeting hall.
Inside the tent a large people had gathered. Kyle was quiet unsure of the number of people in the village, so this could be their Elders, everyone of people from other villages. The all looked at him judging him and making him feel unworthy. It was uncomfortable having a few dozen people looking him up and down. Kyle was lead somewhere to sit a ways off to others and he waited and wondered what was happening.
It would be easier if he could understand anything. His limited French and Spanish that he had learned were do no good here. He didn’t understand a word that they were saying, though he thought it was a good sign that they allowed him into the meeting. Of course, since he didn’t have any knowledge of the culture he had bumbled into, he could be sitting at his would trial as they discussed his guilt. Even if that were so, he had no way t argue his innocence, so Kyle kept in his corner and held his tongue as the conversation went on around him.
Finally some decision was made. An old cake was brought out and placed around him by some of the older members of the group. They said something in their language and did some sort of ritual. Then the room went quiet, as if expecting Kyle to do something.
“Thank you,” Kyle hazarded a guess, “This means a lot to me.”
That seemed to satisfy and some of the women came and led Kyle off. He looked back as conversation erupted again, hoping that he wasn’t to be some sort of human sacrifice.

Notes: Super tired. Was lazy today and did simple story. Hopefully tomorrow's story shall be better.


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