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Didn't want to do the prompt today, so he's something I wrote this morning as a free write and continuation of the D/G fight from a couple days ago.

“I don’t understand,” Draco said as he sat at the bottom of the staircase, “we were getting along and suddenly she doesn’t want to see me.”
Astoria Greengrass tore her gaze from the empty corridor and looked at him, “So you dragged the trio into another mishap and you’re confused why Ginny’s angry?”
“I didn’t drag the Dream Team into anything! They eavesdropped on a private conversation, where Ginny was trying to drag me into a dangerous situation.”
“It doesn’t matter,” the younger girl rolled her eyes at him, “her brother and his friends found out about your tutoring sessions, which she was obviously trying to keep a secret from him.”
Draco was confused, “What does that matter? it doesn’t change the fact that when we left off we were fine.” Actually, more then fine if he read the situation correctly.
Shifting slightly on the step, Astoria said, “Obviously you’re missing the point. Let me explain Ginny to you from the perspective of someone who’s known her since first year and friends since second.”
“I’ve known her since then.”
“Shut up, Count Chocula.”
“I don’t even know what that means!”
Ignoring him, she returned to the topic, “The first thing about Ginny is that she is a very private person.”
“I know-” Draco was silenced by Astoria’s glare.
“The second and conflicting thing is that Ginny is a very loyal person, both to family and friends.”
“So she’s secretly a Hufflepuff.” Draco muttered.
“Or a Slytherin,” the girl shot back, “all Houses are to place importance on loyalty. Except Ravenclaw, but they tend to have their own oddities.”
Before Draco could come up with a reply, Astoria continued, “Now, as an only child you don’t understand the messed up relationship siblings have. Ginny has it worse then me since she has the six brothers, and I just have Daphne. Ginny loves Ron, hates him, is jealous of him, loyal to him hides things from him.... Ron also doesn’t know what to do with his sister, especial since she’s the only girl. There’s a desire to protect her, not just from you but from all guys.”
Draco felt a bit in awe, which he would never admit, “How do you know all this?”
“Ginny’s my Gryffindor friend,” Astoria allowed. At Draco’s questioning look, she aded, “I like to collect the whole set.”
“What’s your point?”
“Ginny keeps most of her life private from Ron. That’s why neither he nor his friends know of the Drama Club. She also didn’t tell them about you. She tries to handle her life on her own and avoid her brothers’ protection.”
Draco suddenly had flashbacks of all the times he had bullied Ginny and had expected attacks from the rest of the Weasleys that never came. Things were beginning to make sense.
“Ron found out her secret,” he said, “so?”
“Because,” Astoria had the way of making him feel like an idiot, “when Ron found out, he felt like it was his job to end it. Ginny’s loyal, as stated; if Ron tells her not to do something and threatens to go to their parents, she’s going to stop.”
It turned out Draco did have something in common with the youngest Weasley, though their families had didn’t ways of exerting control.
“What do I do?” he asked, “I don’t want some idiot the making decisions.”
Astoria looked at him with a knowing smile, “Prove that you’re worth the fight. Ginny’s giving up because she thinks you don’t care. Your fight with her early definitely proved that.”
Draco sat in silence for a few moments before getting up. “Thanks, Tory,” the said to the younger girl, “I knew I like you better then your sister.”
Astroia waved it off, “Daphne’s a tart.” She then switched to serious, “I’m happy you aren’t giving up. Ginny’s... Ginny doesn’t think that people would care about her. Our first year messed her up a bit.”
“What happened?” Draco had always known something had happened, but it was something know one talked about. He just picked up how some of the emotions changed wen certain topics were brought up.
She shook her head, “It’s no my business to tell you just understand her self-confidence doesn’t exist no matter how she acts other wise.”
Draco nodded and started walking away. Before he got to the end of the corridor, Astoria called out.
“And Draco,” she said, “try talking to Neville and Luna. If you’re serious about getting her back.”


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