Apr. 10th, 2011

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Rarg! I have an essay due on Tues and I've been working on it all weekend. And you know, reading comics, making a doll, going shopping, thinking of pretty things to wear... but I did get this done! And I shall have another short done soon about a selkie. Maybe tonight? No, it's a bit late. Maybe tomorrow morning if I can get the essay done.

Prompt: 10 April "Rewrite a scene from another POV." I'm going for this scene from Ginny's POV:

Ginny walked down the hallway, anxious at scene she knew she was walking into. She had been having these silly study sessions for a few months now and what had been miserable at first was not too bad. Draco Malfoy was a complete prick, but that also made him someone she could fight with and be mean too and not have to worry so much of how it would effect their relationship. It was expected. The only other people she could really argue with without worrying about feelings were her family and Luna. Even with them she didn’t get the same amount of freedom.
It was really all Professor Snape’s fault. Ginny was pretty sure the man was a sadist. He had decided that she wasn’t putting enough effort into her potions work (big surprise, the man didn’t motivate her), and so he decided that Malfoy would tutor her. That didn’t go well. Ginny had decided that she wasn’t about to change her schedule for the Slytherin and ended up dragging him around the castle as he tried to out-stubborn her. The power had shifted slightly when Snape assigned her to tutor Malfoy in history. It may have made it better, because now they were on equal footing. But that had all changed on week ago when her brother had found out.
Now she was heading to their meeting spot to tell Malfoy that they were going to have to end their study sessions. Ginny was sure he would be fine; he seemed as annoyed as she was by them. With Ron’s back-up, Ginny had already goon to Professor McGonagall to convince her to stop the sessions. The only reason why the two students hadn’t done so before was that Snape had told them that their grades depended on it. McGonagall was sure to put a stop to that.
When Ginny reached the classroom, Malfoy wasn’t there yet so she had time to fret. He was sure to be happy, she told herself again. She was slightly disappointed, if she had to admit it. It was only for the grade, of course. It was easier to study something when someone was helping one-on-one. She tended to hang out with people who also weren’t the best at potions. Her brother was no help, Hermione came across the same problems with Snape being a jerk, Ginny wasn’t sure ow Luna got her grades, and her relationship with Astoria was a bit odd. Astoria was good at potions, but had issues explaining it to Ginny and their schedules never really worked to met up, and they always ended up on different topics. So Snape, though it hurt to admit it, was right. Working with Malfoy had improved her understanding up the subject. And now she had to stop it.
He was running a bit late, which Ginny had to admit that was because she was always ready for things early, so she paced around the room. She was too nervous to sit and was expecting the conversation to be short, so she kept her stuff packed for a quick exit. Finally, the blonde Slytherin entered the room, but Ginny was too caught up in her own thoughts to notice he seemed cheery.
“Did you just get here?” Malfoy asked as he walked though the door.
“No,” Ginny glanced at the door, “Malfoy, this is over.” She gestured in a way to refer to all their tutoring, but he misunderstood.
“What to you mean? Do you need to miss today?” he questioned.
Ginny had hoped he would grasp the point quicker, but she explained, “I mean, out study sessions are over. I’ve talked to Professor McGonagall and she’ll talk to Snape?”
“I just can’t do this anymore!” she tried to think of an excuse that didn’t involve their families, “I can’t work with and idiot that will never open his book!”
“Fine! Like I need to spent time with someone who doesn’t know the difference between minced and massacre,” Malfoy’s words bit deep.
She glared at him, replying sarcastically, “It’s not my fault they sound the same.” Ginny almost stopped there, but she couldn’t resist saying, “And every word out of your mouth is an insult!”
“That’s because you’re so easily offended,” Malfoy growled back.
“You don’t even try,” she told him, “every time we meet, you expect me to do all the work.”
“That’s crap,” the older boy threw back, “I do try and every time I do it’s like everything I found is wrong, or not good enough. You act like only you are perfect.”
“I’m not the only one with an ego problem in this room!” Ginny hissed at him.
The two stared daggers at each other, before Malfoy yelled, “Then why didn’t you say anything! Where is this coming from? Is this because of last week with Potter, Granger and your brother?”
He hit the mark, but Ginny was too proud to admit such a thing. She said, “This has nothing to do with them.”
“Then say so! Tell the truth!” as Malfoy spoke, his words grew louder and louder. Ginny glanced at the door, both wishing to leave and hoping know one would heard them. Malfoy continued, “Say it’s because I’m a Malfoy, or a Slytherin, or that you’re a Weasley or Gryffindor! Say it’s your brother or our family. Say it’s because my god-damn hair!”
Malfoy stopped, out of breath and Ginny wished for swords to reassure him. There weren’t any because everything he said was true and she hated him for it. She hated him for the fact they were trapped in this cycle, hated him for everything his family had done to hers and hers to his, hated him to being nice to her, hated him for saying the truth.
But Malfoy wasn’t done yet. He said, “That’s what this is about, right? Some blasted hat made a choice when I was eleven and I’ve been placed in a narrow category ever since then.”
“Malfoy, I-” Ginny tried discredit the fact that what he said was true, but he interrupted her.
“Admit it! You’ve been going on about how we shouldn’t judge each other and other those other clichés and the moment something changes, you’re the one clinging to your biases.”
She sucked in a breath in anguish, her mind a blur with thoughts. She wanted to say it was a lie, to push him further away, to apologize, to yell at him; she didn’t know what to say. Even if she did, it was too late.
Malfoy looked at her with hatred, then walked out of the door. He said, “Fine. I have been things to do then spend time with a Weasley.”
Ginny wondered what she had done.

Notes: Ok, I get the point of this exercise but it's annnnnnooooooyyying! This is one of the few scenes that actually have more then one person in it that I have written for this class. But the silly part is that I tend to write from the girl's pov, especially for Ginny. (I'm writing a D/G fic from Ginny's POV that's about 30? pages long at the moment.) So this fic actually is my version of this exercise. WHen I started it, I was like, I always write from Ginny's pov, I think I'll try Draco's. THERE IS NO POINT! *sobs in the corner* But, even when homework it stupid, we still have to do it.


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