Never Again

May. 2nd, 2011 10:59 am
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Have been writing stories, just not posting them. This prompt is being stuck as a buffet table where you can't eat anything. Rather then be realistic and personal about being gluten-free, I went for silly. I do love the fae.

The line was long and jack-packed. Someone had decided to put the buffet table in the narrow corridor, which may have helped with line cutting, but did not help with people trying to get out of the line. Unluckily for Eairrdsidh, the line had stopped while he was right in front of the dessert table. For some, that may have been a blessing, but most of what was on the table was chocolate. Eairrdsidh picked up a few pieces of carrot cake and wondered why he had allowed Aoibheann to persuade him to come to a human party.
This wasn’t the first time; only proof that he should know better. Aoibheann had grow quite fond of the mortals after leaving the Courts and decided to spend her time “researching” them. This appeared to mean going to their social gatherings and studying them. This wouldn’t have been a problem, except she decided to drag her brother along with her. Eairrdsidh was much less interested in mortals and would have rather spent his time trying to get back in the fae queen’s good graces, but he liked seeing his sister happy. Even if the food was terrible.
The humans seemed to have this love-hate relationship with food. Eairrdsidh didn’t see anything to love about it; it was packed with chemicals and most of it was poison to a sidhe’s system, and it wasn’t much better to the humans that consumed it. True, it didn't put them into Dreaming, but he had heard that many of human’s death and illness came form consuming such terrible creations.
Then there were the idiotic conversations that started around him. Trying to stare at teh stationary line before him, Eairrdsidh attempted to block out the topic of discussion. The humans around him, mostly female, began to chat about the food. About how it tasted, and more importantly, how much weight they were going to put on because of it. If they had ever had a meal at Queen Mab’s table, they wouldn’t be so in awe of this shadow of what real food tasted like, and the food of the fae didn’t even put on weight. Once again, Eairrdsidh grew homesick, wishing to leave the mortal’s metal cites for the Courts so surrounded by trees and gentle music.
Finally, after Eairrdsidhs patience had begun to ebb away, the line began to move. He went past the human's poisoned drinks, wishing for the flavored water he had stocked in the place he was currently living, and went past all of those gossiping about who was at the gather and who wasn’t, and glided to the place his sister was.
“Never again,” he told Aoibheann, rather grumpily.
She just gave him one of her cheerful smiles, “You always tell me that, brother, and I’ve yet to see proof.”
His reply was cut off as he got distract be her trying to steal his carrot cake. Once he had the situation under control, he answered, “This is the last one.”
Her replied was a bright laugh.
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