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Prompt: 31/3 It’s a package deal? What if I just want the package without the deal, or the deal without the package?

Alice had once heard the belief that men and women could not be friends. At the time she thoughts it was ridiculous; she had had many males from over her life time and those relationships had worked out fine. But for the first time she came across a point where that idea was proven.
When she had first met Mike, she knew right away she wanted to know him. He had come into class with a sort of confidence that attracted her in the way that drew at least her attention. It had actually worked out well, as it happened to be he was already friends with one of Alice’s friends so she had gotten a chance to talk to him. Then she found out that they had more in common. Thus their friendship grew.
It was fine at first, they were just more of friends in the group, but then they began to hang out outside of the group. It wasn’t until she started to here about his dates that she grew jealous. At first she justified it; she didn’t want to lose a close friend and sometime couples can get in the way of such relationships. Then she wondered if there was something more. He continued, completely oblivious, as she began to sort out her feelings and wondered why he didn’t ask her out. After all, wasn’t she datable?
But Alice didn’t want to mess up the status quo. Wasn’t it better to stay friends then to mess it all up in the hopes that he liked her? There was a bit of over analysis going on with the idea that if she did approach it and fail, it wouldn’t have been worth it. But what if he was wondering the same thing, or hadn’t even thought about it? Or perhaps Alice was just thinking too much.
Mike continued to be oblivious to Alice’s inner struggles and she allowed him to stay that way. There was some fear deep down inside her, some sort of lack of confidence that made her think that perhaps it was better just stay friends. That was enough for her just to be able to spend time with him.

Note: Kinda based on a true story, only I wasn't too close of friends with the guy I liked. I probably would have done something, but he was always in long term relationships. Anyways, I probably didn't really like him, just had that human desire to not be alone. I did get over it though and realized that dating was overrated. There are so many better ways to spend my time, and people only date to fill the gaping hole in them. I already have enough people around me not to feel alone.


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