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Apr. 3rd, 2011 11:17 pm
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Prompt: 3/4 A fight that's about something simple, but underneath it's really about something else.

When his final class got out, Draco was in a wonderful mood. The last few days of class had been rather slow with the professors only covering old information, so he expected that since he didn’t have homework, neither would Ginny. Ginny. It was odd to say her first name after referring to her as Weasley since he met her. But through tutoring her the last few months, Draco felt like this was the first time he truly knew her. True, her antics had almost gotten them killed more then a few times, but there was something about her that Draco never saw in the Slytherin dungeon.
Apparently he was in a good mood so rarely, it terrified the first years that crossed his path. A Slytherin in a good mood, seemed to mean that they were planning something. McGonagall thought the same thing since she also was looking at him suspiciously as he strolled past. Draco ignored these fools and continued on his way to the empty classroom that he and Ginny were planning to meet.
He hadn’t seen her since Ginny had dragged him and the Dream Team into the story she had created. He could tell from the glares he was receiving from Potter and Weasley that they hadn’t taken the idea he was spending time with the younger Gryffindor well. Draco didn’t really care; with that adventure came the possibility that he and Ginny might be able to deal with their requirement made by Snape without murdering each other. Well, with intent. There was the possibly that Ginny was going to mess with the wrong potion and get them into trouble again. Now that Weasley knew that his school antagonist was spending time with his little sister.... that just made it sweeter. Not that Weasley would know what antagonist meant. He would probably have to ask Granger. It amazed Draco that only female Gryffindors had any brains; though even that seemed to skip Brown and Patil.
Draco entered the abandoned classroom, to see Ginny standing rather uncomfortably. She had yet to unpack, so he questioned, “Did you just get here?”
“No,” she looked as if she wished to be anywhere but there, “Malfoy, this is over.”
“What do you mean?” Draco asked, “Do you need to miss today?”
The redhead shook her head, “I mean, our study sessions are over. I’ve talked to Professor McGonagall and she’ll talk to Snape.”
“I just can’t do this anymore! I can’t work with and idiot that will never open his book!”
Draco looked at her, wounded by her harsh words, “Fine! Like I need to spent time with someone who doesn’t know the difference between minced and massacre.”
“It’s not my fault they sound the same,” she retorted, “and every word out of your mouth is an insult!”
“That’s because you’re so easily offended.”
“You don’t even try,” Ginny complained, “every time we meet, you expect me to do all the work.”
“That’s crap,” he argued, “I do try and every time I do it’s like everything I found is wrong, or not good enough. You act like only you are perfect.”
“I’m not the only one with an ego problem in this room!”
“Then why didn’t you say anything!” the Slytherin bursted, “where is this coming from? Is this because of last week with Potter, Granger and your brother?”
Ginny flinched and looked away, “This has nothing to do with them.”
Draco could tell by the way that her voice changed that it did. He wondered why she didn’t just tell him. “Then say so!” his voice grew louder, “tell the truth! Say it’s because I’m a Malfoy, or a Slytherin, or that you’re a Weasley or Gryffindor! Say it’s you’re brother or our family. Say it’s because my god-damn hair!”
Ginny eye’s were blazing but she didn’t say a word as she walk out of the classroom. As he watched her leave, Draco collapsed onto one of the chairs and wondered what he had done.

Notes: I love D/G, I love D/G... *dances* Ok, anything that has to do with fighting, I'm going to write some D/G. This is a continuation of a fanfic story-ish thing I am kind of writing. It's not really a story, but a series of short stories. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5955472/1/The_Grand_Adventures_of_Draco_Malfoy
This actually takes place after a chapter I'm not done with, so only I know what happened. Oops. I should finish that. I do think that I will continue this story. I have this image of Draco chatting with Astoria Greengrass about Ginny and about how she's Astoria's Gryffindor friend, and Draco's like... what? Can Astoria replies that she likes to have the full set.
This is also a homework assignment. I hope it's ok that it's fan fiction. *crosses fingers*
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