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I can't remeber what I titled this. Too lazy to go look it up. Some line stolen from Hero by Ministry of Magic. Prompt: Write a story where you have to so same a damsel or you are the damsel being saved.
I find male heroes to be over rated. This is only two parts of a three part story. Not done yet. Soooo long.

A simple rustle was all that was needed to awake Nik out of dozing. Not that the hero was asleep; the potion was to powerful to allow that. Nik was just think about odd things, the things that usually came to mind when one was forced to sit in a bush for several hours, waiting for a damn bird to show up. From the sounds of it, the bird was there. Nik peered out from the bushes to see the prey. The bird sitting there, eating berries was as magnificent as had been explained to Nik. It would impress any normal person, though the hero had seen many such creatures other quests. Nik set up the trap, pulled a few strings and the net neatly wrapped up the bird.
At this point Nik escaped the confines of the bushes to admire the prize. The bird’s body was slightly smaller than an ostrich. It was probably some where between the size of a golden eagle and said bird, though built much more like a songbird or a peacock. It had a rather small body compared to its wings and a tail about twice the length as the body. The feathers on the bird were all sorts of colors from ruby red to bright yellow, which gave the effect that the bird was on fire. Nik knew not to be surprised; it was common knowledge that firebirds could only live on rare fruits, but the animal was a magnificent one.
“Now, how am I going to get you back to the tsar?” Nik muttered while watching he firebird.
The firebird looked at him disdainfully. Nik ignored the look at went back to plotting. The plans in mind had been set up for a bird much smaller then this, and while birds were much lighter then their appearance betrayed, Nik wasn’t prepared to have a huge bird fighting all the way back to the kingdom. Personally, Nik enjoyed having eyes and no gaping holes. The best idea was to treat the firebird like any hunting bird. Nik quick removed the jacket to use as a hood and crept close to the firebird to place it on the bird’s head.
“You’d better not being planning to put that on me.”

Click here to continue Nik's Extremely Long Adventure )

Never Again

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Have been writing stories, just not posting them. This prompt is being stuck as a buffet table where you can't eat anything. Rather then be realistic and personal about being gluten-free, I went for silly. I do love the fae.

The line was long and jack-packed. Someone had decided to put the buffet table in the narrow corridor, which may have helped with line cutting, but did not help with people trying to get out of the line. Unluckily for Eairrdsidh, the line had stopped while he was right in front of the dessert table. For some, that may have been a blessing, but most of what was on the table was chocolate. Eairrdsidh picked up a few pieces of carrot cake and wondered why he had allowed Aoibheann to persuade him to come to a human party.
This wasn’t the first time; only proof that he should know better. Aoibheann had grow quite fond of the mortals after leaving the Courts and decided to spend her time “researching” them. This appeared to mean going to their social gatherings and studying them. This wouldn’t have been a problem, except she decided to drag her brother along with her. Eairrdsidh was much less interested in mortals and would have rather spent his time trying to get back in the fae queen’s good graces, but he liked seeing his sister happy. Even if the food was terrible.
The humans seemed to have this love-hate relationship with food. Eairrdsidh didn’t see anything to love about it; it was packed with chemicals and most of it was poison to a sidhe’s system, and it wasn’t much better to the humans that consumed it. True, it didn't put them into Dreaming, but he had heard that many of human’s death and illness came form consuming such terrible creations.
Then there were the idiotic conversations that started around him. Trying to stare at teh stationary line before him, Eairrdsidh attempted to block out the topic of discussion. The humans around him, mostly female, began to chat about the food. About how it tasted, and more importantly, how much weight they were going to put on because of it. If they had ever had a meal at Queen Mab’s table, they wouldn’t be so in awe of this shadow of what real food tasted like, and the food of the fae didn’t even put on weight. Once again, Eairrdsidh grew homesick, wishing to leave the mortal’s metal cites for the Courts so surrounded by trees and gentle music.
Finally, after Eairrdsidhs patience had begun to ebb away, the line began to move. He went past the human's poisoned drinks, wishing for the flavored water he had stocked in the place he was currently living, and went past all of those gossiping about who was at the gather and who wasn’t, and glided to the place his sister was.
“Never again,” he told Aoibheann, rather grumpily.
She just gave him one of her cheerful smiles, “You always tell me that, brother, and I’ve yet to see proof.”
His reply was cut off as he got distract be her trying to steal his carrot cake. Once he had the situation under control, he answered, “This is the last one.”
Her replied was a bright laugh.

The Selkie

Apr. 13th, 2011 10:32 am
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Prompt: 11 April “She goes for a swim but can't come back, for she has become a mermaid.”
She was gone. Jonah had watched the sleek body disappear into the waves from the beach, knowing it was over. He couldn’t blame her; he had been told time after time that it would end this was because it was the nature of her kind. After she was gone, he turned his back on the setting sun and made his way up the beach. His home was still there, looking out over the ocean, proving that the world wasn’t over. Everything looked the same, as if his life hadn’t dramatically changed since he left it that morning.
The kids came to greet him as he opened the front door of the two story house. His sister, Alicia, hung back despite the questions in her eyes. She knew something wrong; Jonah swore she could always sense when something was about to change. She had shown up the first day he had met Helen without notice, same when each of the kids were born at the exact right moment. When he had needed to leave that day to follow Helen, Alicia had appeared with no phone call needed so that she could watch the kids. That didn’t mean she didn’t expect an lengthy explanation of what had happened and she had had hours to wonder about it.
It was past the children’s bed time so Alicia helped Jonah put the three to bed. Doug and Kyle were easy to distract from questions about their mother, but Muriel was at the age were she didn’t let go so easy. Jonah hoped that she wasn’t turning out like her aunt. Eventually the three were asleep and Alicia turned to questioning him about the events that had taken place that night.
“Where’s Helen?” Alicia asked. She was trying to make the question innocent, but that was ruined by the questions that filled her eyes every time that Helen was late.
“She’s gone back home for a visit,” Jonah copied Alicia’s tone.
“Is she coming back?”
Jonah allowed the room to fill with silence as he went to fill the kettle with water and set it to boil.
Alicia gave up waiting for him, “That’s it, then.”
“I’m sure she’s be back,” Jonah said, the whiteness of his knuckles on the handle of the kettle displayed his unease. She wouldn’t abandon the kids.” He avoided his sister’s gaze, not wanting to see the pity in her eyes.
“What happened?” Alice asked, removing his hand from kettle in order to take over the tea-making.
“I’m not sure,” Jonah sat down at the table, his voice sounding hollow, “it all happened when I was gone.”
“But she found it?”
“Murry found it, I think. She had no clue what she had found or what it would do,” he shook his head, “I should have hid it better.”
“I’m not sure it would ever be safe. Not even on the moon,” Alicia told him, “It’s part of the cycle. Not matter where you hid the thing, she was going to end up with it.”
“But could she had waited!” Jonah stood up so quickly the table jumped, “What about Douglas, Kyle and Muriel? Don’t her own children matter?”
“Of course they do,” his sister puled the kettle off the stove a second before it screeched. She got two mugs down and a tea pot, fix up the tea before she brought it to the table.
She sat down beside him and moved his mug in front of him, “She loves her children. But she’s staring at temptation ever day. That’s why I suggested you move.”
“I tried,” Jonah admitted quietly as fell back into his seat, “I just wanted her to be happy.”
“I’m not sure if that was possible,” Alicia said, “she was torn between you and the kids, and the sea. You can’t blame her for her choice.”
“I thought we would be enough.”
Alicia couldn’t say anything, just looked out the window to the sea where the seals swam in the moonlight. The two were so wrapped up in thoughts that they didn’t heard the sounds of feet tiptoeing down the hall and back to bed.

Notes: Helen is a selkie, in case you can't tell. It's the age-old story. The marriage of humans and the fae never work. I'm think this might be the prologue to a story about Muriel and finding out about hidden history. Or her name might be changed to Morgaine. I'm not sure. Which is more normal sounding, cause I like Morgaine. Don't you wish every person who didn't feel like they belonged were secretly half-fae? ... or not. They might end up dangerous. Selkies=awesome and I dressed up like one for Holly Blacks and Cassie Claire's Underworld Ball even if no one could tell. I want to make a unicorn costume and a swan maiden costume cause they would be awesome.
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Rarg! I have an essay due on Tues and I've been working on it all weekend. And you know, reading comics, making a doll, going shopping, thinking of pretty things to wear... but I did get this done! And I shall have another short done soon about a selkie. Maybe tonight? No, it's a bit late. Maybe tomorrow morning if I can get the essay done.

Prompt: 10 April "Rewrite a scene from another POV." I'm going for this scene from Ginny's POV:

Ginny walked down the hallway, anxious at scene she knew she was walking into. She had been having these silly study sessions for a few months now and what had been miserable at first was not too bad. Draco Malfoy was a complete prick, but that also made him someone she could fight with and be mean too and not have to worry so much of how it would effect their relationship. It was expected. The only other people she could really argue with without worrying about feelings were her family and Luna. Even with them she didn’t get the same amount of freedom.
It was really all Professor Snape’s fault. Ginny was pretty sure the man was a sadist. He had decided that she wasn’t putting enough effort into her potions work (big surprise, the man didn’t motivate her), and so he decided that Malfoy would tutor her. That didn’t go well. Ginny had decided that she wasn’t about to change her schedule for the Slytherin and ended up dragging him around the castle as he tried to out-stubborn her. The power had shifted slightly when Snape assigned her to tutor Malfoy in history. It may have made it better, because now they were on equal footing. But that had all changed on week ago when her brother had found out.
Now she was heading to their meeting spot to tell Malfoy that they were going to have to end their study sessions. Ginny was sure he would be fine; he seemed as annoyed as she was by them. With Ron’s back-up, Ginny had already goon to Professor McGonagall to convince her to stop the sessions. The only reason why the two students hadn’t done so before was that Snape had told them that their grades depended on it. McGonagall was sure to put a stop to that.
When Ginny reached the classroom, Malfoy wasn’t there yet so she had time to fret. He was sure to be happy, she told herself again. She was slightly disappointed, if she had to admit it. It was only for the grade, of course. It was easier to study something when someone was helping one-on-one. She tended to hang out with people who also weren’t the best at potions. Her brother was no help, Hermione came across the same problems with Snape being a jerk, Ginny wasn’t sure ow Luna got her grades, and her relationship with Astoria was a bit odd. Astoria was good at potions, but had issues explaining it to Ginny and their schedules never really worked to met up, and they always ended up on different topics. So Snape, though it hurt to admit it, was right. Working with Malfoy had improved her understanding up the subject. And now she had to stop it.
He was running a bit late, which Ginny had to admit that was because she was always ready for things early, so she paced around the room. She was too nervous to sit and was expecting the conversation to be short, so she kept her stuff packed for a quick exit. Finally, the blonde Slytherin entered the room, but Ginny was too caught up in her own thoughts to notice he seemed cheery.
“Did you just get here?” Malfoy asked as he walked though the door.
“No,” Ginny glanced at the door, “Malfoy, this is over.” She gestured in a way to refer to all their tutoring, but he misunderstood.
“What to you mean? Do you need to miss today?” he questioned.
Ginny had hoped he would grasp the point quicker, but she explained, “I mean, out study sessions are over. I’ve talked to Professor McGonagall and she’ll talk to Snape?”
“I just can’t do this anymore!” she tried to think of an excuse that didn’t involve their families, “I can’t work with and idiot that will never open his book!”
“Fine! Like I need to spent time with someone who doesn’t know the difference between minced and massacre,” Malfoy’s words bit deep.
She glared at him, replying sarcastically, “It’s not my fault they sound the same.” Ginny almost stopped there, but she couldn’t resist saying, “And every word out of your mouth is an insult!”
“That’s because you’re so easily offended,” Malfoy growled back.
“You don’t even try,” she told him, “every time we meet, you expect me to do all the work.”
“That’s crap,” the older boy threw back, “I do try and every time I do it’s like everything I found is wrong, or not good enough. You act like only you are perfect.”
“I’m not the only one with an ego problem in this room!” Ginny hissed at him.
The two stared daggers at each other, before Malfoy yelled, “Then why didn’t you say anything! Where is this coming from? Is this because of last week with Potter, Granger and your brother?”
He hit the mark, but Ginny was too proud to admit such a thing. She said, “This has nothing to do with them.”
“Then say so! Tell the truth!” as Malfoy spoke, his words grew louder and louder. Ginny glanced at the door, both wishing to leave and hoping know one would heard them. Malfoy continued, “Say it’s because I’m a Malfoy, or a Slytherin, or that you’re a Weasley or Gryffindor! Say it’s your brother or our family. Say it’s because my god-damn hair!”
Malfoy stopped, out of breath and Ginny wished for swords to reassure him. There weren’t any because everything he said was true and she hated him for it. She hated him for the fact they were trapped in this cycle, hated him for everything his family had done to hers and hers to his, hated him to being nice to her, hated him for saying the truth.
But Malfoy wasn’t done yet. He said, “That’s what this is about, right? Some blasted hat made a choice when I was eleven and I’ve been placed in a narrow category ever since then.”
“Malfoy, I-” Ginny tried discredit the fact that what he said was true, but he interrupted her.
“Admit it! You’ve been going on about how we shouldn’t judge each other and other those other clichés and the moment something changes, you’re the one clinging to your biases.”
She sucked in a breath in anguish, her mind a blur with thoughts. She wanted to say it was a lie, to push him further away, to apologize, to yell at him; she didn’t know what to say. Even if she did, it was too late.
Malfoy looked at her with hatred, then walked out of the door. He said, “Fine. I have been things to do then spend time with a Weasley.”
Ginny wondered what she had done.

Notes: Ok, I get the point of this exercise but it's annnnnnooooooyyying! This is one of the few scenes that actually have more then one person in it that I have written for this class. But the silly part is that I tend to write from the girl's pov, especially for Ginny. (I'm writing a D/G fic from Ginny's POV that's about 30? pages long at the moment.) So this fic actually is my version of this exercise. WHen I started it, I was like, I always write from Ginny's pov, I think I'll try Draco's. THERE IS NO POINT! *sobs in the corner* But, even when homework it stupid, we still have to do it.


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Prompt: 7/4 “Next time you'll think twice before you "Click here to continue".


Kari jiggled the mouse impatiently, ready to start the computer. When a pop ad had show up on her computer early, advertising a new computer game that went into the world of Valdemar, of course she had clicked. it. Mercedes was on of her favorite authors and she had always want to be a Herald. It had lead her to a rather interesting website. The layout like most computer games, trying to lure her into it’s magical world. She didn’t have to ask twice.
The load screen went by quickly and she had come to the main screen. Did she want to continue? Hell yes. She quickly clicked the question and her computer screen went white. Then the light continued to her entire room and suddenly she wasn’t there any more. In fact, Kari felt as if she was in the Infinite Grid in Assassin’s Creed.
“Oh crap,” she said, he voice echoing against the giant nothingness, “what did I just do?”
Then the white began to fade away and she found herself in a busy medieval market place. Well, she assumed medieval. Like she knew anything about previous time periods. It’s not like people were that historically accurate at Ren Faires.
“This is just virtual reality,” Kari lied to herself, not truly have a clue what just happened. She continued down the street, trying to figure out what to do. She knew the rule was that when you were lost, you were supposed to stay in the same place, but she didn’t think that held in magical lands that sucked you through portals. In fact, she thought she was handling this quite well. Then it hit her.
“Crap,” she repeated, “I’m in Haven.”
“Of course you are, miss,” a random stranger interrupted her conversation with herself, “where else would you be?”'

Notes: didn't know what other land to go for, and I have a desperate wish to go to Valdemar. My other thoughts was Camelot or some random place. Should I continue this story? I've been thinking of variations on it for awhile. It's the usually, if I have time. I always have about five stories running around in my head.


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Didn't want to do the prompt today, so he's something I wrote this morning as a free write and continuation of the D/G fight from a couple days ago.

“I don’t understand,” Draco said as he sat at the bottom of the staircase, “we were getting along and suddenly she doesn’t want to see me.”
Astoria Greengrass tore her gaze from the empty corridor and looked at him, “So you dragged the trio into another mishap and you’re confused why Ginny’s angry?”
“I didn’t drag the Dream Team into anything! They eavesdropped on a private conversation, where Ginny was trying to drag me into a dangerous situation.”
“It doesn’t matter,” the younger girl rolled her eyes at him, “her brother and his friends found out about your tutoring sessions, which she was obviously trying to keep a secret from him.”
Draco was confused, “What does that matter? it doesn’t change the fact that when we left off we were fine.” Actually, more then fine if he read the situation correctly.
Shifting slightly on the step, Astoria said, “Obviously you’re missing the point. Let me explain Ginny to you from the perspective of someone who’s known her since first year and friends since second.”
“I’ve known her since then.”
“Shut up, Count Chocula.”
“I don’t even know what that means!”
Ignoring him, she returned to the topic, “The first thing about Ginny is that she is a very private person.”
“I know-” Draco was silenced by Astoria’s glare.
“The second and conflicting thing is that Ginny is a very loyal person, both to family and friends.”
“So she’s secretly a Hufflepuff.” Draco muttered.
“Or a Slytherin,” the girl shot back, “all Houses are to place importance on loyalty. Except Ravenclaw, but they tend to have their own oddities.”
Before Draco could come up with a reply, Astoria continued, “Now, as an only child you don’t understand the messed up relationship siblings have. Ginny has it worse then me since she has the six brothers, and I just have Daphne. Ginny loves Ron, hates him, is jealous of him, loyal to him hides things from him.... Ron also doesn’t know what to do with his sister, especial since she’s the only girl. There’s a desire to protect her, not just from you but from all guys.”
Draco felt a bit in awe, which he would never admit, “How do you know all this?”
“Ginny’s my Gryffindor friend,” Astoria allowed. At Draco’s questioning look, she aded, “I like to collect the whole set.”
“What’s your point?”
“Ginny keeps most of her life private from Ron. That’s why neither he nor his friends know of the Drama Club. She also didn’t tell them about you. She tries to handle her life on her own and avoid her brothers’ protection.”
Draco suddenly had flashbacks of all the times he had bullied Ginny and had expected attacks from the rest of the Weasleys that never came. Things were beginning to make sense.
“Ron found out her secret,” he said, “so?”
“Because,” Astoria had the way of making him feel like an idiot, “when Ron found out, he felt like it was his job to end it. Ginny’s loyal, as stated; if Ron tells her not to do something and threatens to go to their parents, she’s going to stop.”
It turned out Draco did have something in common with the youngest Weasley, though their families had didn’t ways of exerting control.
“What do I do?” he asked, “I don’t want some idiot the making decisions.”
Astoria looked at him with a knowing smile, “Prove that you’re worth the fight. Ginny’s giving up because she thinks you don’t care. Your fight with her early definitely proved that.”
Draco sat in silence for a few moments before getting up. “Thanks, Tory,” the said to the younger girl, “I knew I like you better then your sister.”
Astroia waved it off, “Daphne’s a tart.” She then switched to serious, “I’m happy you aren’t giving up. Ginny’s... Ginny doesn’t think that people would care about her. Our first year messed her up a bit.”
“What happened?” Draco had always known something had happened, but it was something know one talked about. He just picked up how some of the emotions changed wen certain topics were brought up.
She shook her head, “It’s no my business to tell you just understand her self-confidence doesn’t exist no matter how she acts other wise.”
Draco nodded and started walking away. Before he got to the end of the corridor, Astoria called out.
“And Draco,” she said, “try talking to Neville and Luna. If you’re serious about getting her back.”
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Ran out of time yesterday. Mondays may end up being my day off. Here's a quick story, cause it's time for bed.

Prompt: 5 April While you dig the soil for a flower-bed, you find a magical dragon bone.

Rachel paused from digging for a moment and looked at what she had achieved. The tangled mess of decaying garden that had been there that morning was now gone, replaced by neat rows of soil. When Rachel had first had the impulse to buy the broken down ranch she had happened upon, she had agreed with her friends that it was crazy. But now that she was turning the place into something beauty, she had a sense of achievement.
But she was crazy, at least that’s what anyone would tell her. A young woman, just out of grad school buying a house. She had seen the ranch as she was driving to visit a friend. It wasn’t on the main road, but Rachel loved exploring out of the way places when she travelled. This ranch was exactly it. She had seen the falling apart place, first viewing it with sadness. Yet at the same time there was something that called her there, a feeling that she had never felt before. Before Rachel knew it, she was calling up the real estate agent and asking the price. She could barely afford it, but couldn’t shake that feeling that it was hers. And then it was. Rachel fixed it up so that she could work long distance and started trying to make the old ranch livable. After making the place safe on the inside, Rachel’s first priority was to make it self-sustainable. She didn’t want to have to drive the distance into town to get food. Which led her to trying to dig a garden.
The dirt had decided to fix back with roots and stones. Rachel wasn’t surprised when she came across another hard object. However, when she picked it up, she realized it was a bone. Her first react was fear it was human, but the little she knew in anatomy suggested that it was too large for human. She expected there wouldn’t be elephants in America, and it was buried too shallow for dinosaur. There was also something to it, something magical. A thought about burying dragon’s teeth popped up into Rachel’s mind but she shook it away. This wasn’t a teeth, and there were not such things as dragons. Yet what she held in her hand made her wonder.

Notes: My knowledge of dragon's teeth come from Mercedes Lackey, not from Ursula Le Guin. (That was her, right? I kinda assume everything's Le Guin.)

3 of April

Apr. 3rd, 2011 11:17 pm
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Prompt: 3/4 A fight that's about something simple, but underneath it's really about something else.

When his final class got out, Draco was in a wonderful mood. The last few days of class had been rather slow with the professors only covering old information, so he expected that since he didn’t have homework, neither would Ginny. Ginny. It was odd to say her first name after referring to her as Weasley since he met her. But through tutoring her the last few months, Draco felt like this was the first time he truly knew her. True, her antics had almost gotten them killed more then a few times, but there was something about her that Draco never saw in the Slytherin dungeon.
Apparently he was in a good mood so rarely, it terrified the first years that crossed his path. A Slytherin in a good mood, seemed to mean that they were planning something. McGonagall thought the same thing since she also was looking at him suspiciously as he strolled past. Draco ignored these fools and continued on his way to the empty classroom that he and Ginny were planning to meet.
He hadn’t seen her since Ginny had dragged him and the Dream Team into the story she had created. He could tell from the glares he was receiving from Potter and Weasley that they hadn’t taken the idea he was spending time with the younger Gryffindor well. Draco didn’t really care; with that adventure came the possibility that he and Ginny might be able to deal with their requirement made by Snape without murdering each other. Well, with intent. There was the possibly that Ginny was going to mess with the wrong potion and get them into trouble again. Now that Weasley knew that his school antagonist was spending time with his little sister.... that just made it sweeter. Not that Weasley would know what antagonist meant. He would probably have to ask Granger. It amazed Draco that only female Gryffindors had any brains; though even that seemed to skip Brown and Patil.
Draco entered the abandoned classroom, to see Ginny standing rather uncomfortably. She had yet to unpack, so he questioned, “Did you just get here?”
“No,” she looked as if she wished to be anywhere but there, “Malfoy, this is over.”
“What do you mean?” Draco asked, “Do you need to miss today?”
The redhead shook her head, “I mean, our study sessions are over. I’ve talked to Professor McGonagall and she’ll talk to Snape.”
“I just can’t do this anymore! I can’t work with and idiot that will never open his book!”
Draco looked at her, wounded by her harsh words, “Fine! Like I need to spent time with someone who doesn’t know the difference between minced and massacre.”
“It’s not my fault they sound the same,” she retorted, “and every word out of your mouth is an insult!”
“That’s because you’re so easily offended.”
“You don’t even try,” Ginny complained, “every time we meet, you expect me to do all the work.”
“That’s crap,” he argued, “I do try and every time I do it’s like everything I found is wrong, or not good enough. You act like only you are perfect.”
“I’m not the only one with an ego problem in this room!”
“Then why didn’t you say anything!” the Slytherin bursted, “where is this coming from? Is this because of last week with Potter, Granger and your brother?”
Ginny flinched and looked away, “This has nothing to do with them.”
Draco could tell by the way that her voice changed that it did. He wondered why she didn’t just tell him. “Then say so!” his voice grew louder, “tell the truth! Say it’s because I’m a Malfoy, or a Slytherin, or that you’re a Weasley or Gryffindor! Say it’s you’re brother or our family. Say it’s because my god-damn hair!”
Ginny eye’s were blazing but she didn’t say a word as she walk out of the classroom. As he watched her leave, Draco collapsed onto one of the chairs and wondered what he had done.

Notes: I love D/G, I love D/G... *dances* Ok, anything that has to do with fighting, I'm going to write some D/G. This is a continuation of a fanfic story-ish thing I am kind of writing. It's not really a story, but a series of short stories.
This actually takes place after a chapter I'm not done with, so only I know what happened. Oops. I should finish that. I do think that I will continue this story. I have this image of Draco chatting with Astoria Greengrass about Ginny and about how she's Astoria's Gryffindor friend, and Draco's like... what? Can Astoria replies that she likes to have the full set.
This is also a homework assignment. I hope it's ok that it's fan fiction. *crosses fingers*
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Prompt: 2/4 “You are elected the mayor of a town you are visiting, but you don't know the language spoken there.”

Kyle was pushed inside the tent... maybe canopy? He wasn’t sure the word. In fact, he wasn’t even sure where he was. He had been sailing, trying to get around the world in some hopes of doing something and he had ended up stranded on an island. Either luckily or unluckily, the island had natives and now they were carting him off to some sort of meeting hall.
Inside the tent a large people had gathered. Kyle was quiet unsure of the number of people in the village, so this could be their Elders, everyone of people from other villages. The all looked at him judging him and making him feel unworthy. It was uncomfortable having a few dozen people looking him up and down. Kyle was lead somewhere to sit a ways off to others and he waited and wondered what was happening.
It would be easier if he could understand anything. His limited French and Spanish that he had learned were do no good here. He didn’t understand a word that they were saying, though he thought it was a good sign that they allowed him into the meeting. Of course, since he didn’t have any knowledge of the culture he had bumbled into, he could be sitting at his would trial as they discussed his guilt. Even if that were so, he had no way t argue his innocence, so Kyle kept in his corner and held his tongue as the conversation went on around him.
Finally some decision was made. An old cake was brought out and placed around him by some of the older members of the group. They said something in their language and did some sort of ritual. Then the room went quiet, as if expecting Kyle to do something.
“Thank you,” Kyle hazarded a guess, “This means a lot to me.”
That seemed to satisfy and some of the women came and led Kyle off. He looked back as conversation erupted again, hoping that he wasn’t to be some sort of human sacrifice.

Notes: Super tired. Was lazy today and did simple story. Hopefully tomorrow's story shall be better.
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Warning! This contains a little bit of swearing.

This one is from Novel Notice, instead of the site I've been using. It sounded interesting, though. A bit longer because it's supposed to be a scene.

Prompt: "Write a confrontation scene between two characters that is totally comprised of dialogue. This can be fan fiction or original fiction. This is just a scene, not an entire story, so shoot for about 250-500 words. Or more — the number of words isn’t as important as making your dialogue the best it can be.
Use minimal dialogue tags. Whoever is speaking should be clear from what they say and how they say it.
Use your dialogue to provide background information and expose at least one trait about each of your two characters.
Some ideas for a conflict, or come up with your own:
A teen caught stealing
A teen learning that his father is not his biological father
A teen finding out that she has two months to live"

“Move out of my way, asshole,” Ginevra Weasley pushed past the Slytherin, trying to get to her common room before she collapsed after her visit to the Hospital Wing.
“that’s not a very nice this to say,” Draco Malfoy admonished her, “What would your brother say if he heard you say that?”
Ginny was close to tears, “He would probably say, ‘Move out of her way, asshole.’”
Apparently Malfoy could sense something wrong, and like a predator after wounded prey, he wouldn’t let it go. “You shouldn’t be so condescending to your betters,” he towered over her.
“My betters,” the redhead answered sarcastically, “I don’t see anyone other then the piece of slime in front of me.”
Malfoy stepped towards her and Ginny wildly wondered if pissing him off when there were alone in a corridor was such a good idea. Yet a part of her deep down didn’t really care after the news she just got.
“What are you going to do, Malfoy,” Ginny snapped, “hit a girl?”
“Of course not,” his tone grew icy, signaling a dangerous change in the conversation, “Hitting is such a Muggle activity. Wizards use spells.”
“You... you are such an asshole!” Ginny swore angrily.
“Yes,” Malfoy looked at her oddly, “we already covered that point. Should I take house points off for swearing at a Prefect?”
“I’m not swearing at a Prefect,” the Gryffindor mumbled, “I’m swearing because you’re a prick.”
“And you’re being impertinent,” he answered.
“What?” Ginny sputtered.
“It means-”
“I know what it means!” she know fought back tears. Ginny realized that there was no way that this conversation was going to end and tried to walk away.
“Don’t walk away from me,” Malfoy growled grabbing her arm and twisting her towards him.
Her reaction was completely unexpected to him. She simply burst into tears. Now, Malfoy had had students cry during fights. Usually they were first years, but sometimes older students gave off a few tears. But Ginny’s tears were not just a few tears, she was having full on hysterics.
Ginny, of course, would never use the term hysterics for this. She preferred the term ’panic attacks’ for these somewhat rare occasions. Most of the times when she got them, she could control them until she was somewhere alone where she could calm down. They were pretty much unknown to anyone except a few teachers, her family and close friends. The last person she wanted to have one in front of was Draco Malfoy.
It appeared that Malfoy felt the same way as he had a sort of look of panic as Ginny tried to control her own panic.
“Should I get a teacher?” he asked, desperately wanting to get away from the tears.
“Shut up,” Ginny forced out between hyperventilation. She closed her eyes and blocked everything out until she could cam herself down and convinced her brain there was enough air in the room. When she opened her eyes, Malfoy was looking at her with a sort of wariness.
“Shut up,” she repeated, almost embarrassed, then in a commanding tone, “That never happened!”
“i don’t even know what that was!” Malfoy replied.
“It was nothing,” she glared, “as if you need any more things to tease me about.”
“What, trying to make yourself look good for me,” Malfoy preened as Ginny wiped away tears.
“No,” she rolled her eyes, “I’m just trying to protect myself. That never happened.”
Malfoy shrugged, “Sure it didn’t. But I just never know what I might say in a fit of anger. Though I’m sure we could come to some sort of arrangement...”
In her own fit of anger, she said in quiet rage, “Screw you. It won’t even matter in two months.”
“In two months,” Malfoy questioned, “Weasley, school doesn’t end for another four months. Apparently your brain can’t count.”
“you may not get out for anther four months,” Ginny replied, “but school’s ending a lot sooner for me.”
“What?” Malfoy sneered, “the Headmaster finally kicking you out for your lack of intelligence?”
“No,” Ginny took advantage of his distraction to slip away down the hallway, “I’ll be dead.”

Notes: I love D/G, which you might know if you know me. I like what can be a progression of hate, to friendship to attraction. This I thought would be an interesting scene were Ginny was just told that she had two months to live and then gets in a confrontation with Malfoy. Her panic attack is based on the type that I have every once in while when put under a lot of stress. I didn't plan to put it in, then I thought it would be interesting. It gives her another weakness to try to hide, and then Draco, of course, can't hand a girl actually crying.
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Prompt: 31/3 It’s a package deal? What if I just want the package without the deal, or the deal without the package?

Alice had once heard the belief that men and women could not be friends. At the time she thoughts it was ridiculous; she had had many males from over her life time and those relationships had worked out fine. But for the first time she came across a point where that idea was proven.
When she had first met Mike, she knew right away she wanted to know him. He had come into class with a sort of confidence that attracted her in the way that drew at least her attention. It had actually worked out well, as it happened to be he was already friends with one of Alice’s friends so she had gotten a chance to talk to him. Then she found out that they had more in common. Thus their friendship grew.
It was fine at first, they were just more of friends in the group, but then they began to hang out outside of the group. It wasn’t until she started to here about his dates that she grew jealous. At first she justified it; she didn’t want to lose a close friend and sometime couples can get in the way of such relationships. Then she wondered if there was something more. He continued, completely oblivious, as she began to sort out her feelings and wondered why he didn’t ask her out. After all, wasn’t she datable?
But Alice didn’t want to mess up the status quo. Wasn’t it better to stay friends then to mess it all up in the hopes that he liked her? There was a bit of over analysis going on with the idea that if she did approach it and fail, it wouldn’t have been worth it. But what if he was wondering the same thing, or hadn’t even thought about it? Or perhaps Alice was just thinking too much.
Mike continued to be oblivious to Alice’s inner struggles and she allowed him to stay that way. There was some fear deep down inside her, some sort of lack of confidence that made her think that perhaps it was better just stay friends. That was enough for her just to be able to spend time with him.

Note: Kinda based on a true story, only I wasn't too close of friends with the guy I liked. I probably would have done something, but he was always in long term relationships. Anyways, I probably didn't really like him, just had that human desire to not be alone. I did get over it though and realized that dating was overrated. There are so many better ways to spend my time, and people only date to fill the gaping hole in them. I already have enough people around me not to feel alone.
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Prompt 30/3: “Your child was placed in foster care. You never thought it could happen to YOU, but it has.”

A shooting pain ran down Elise’s arm and she looked at her hand aghast as if not remembering hitting the table with her fist. She had just gotten back from the police department-a place that she had never been so affected by despite the number of times she had gone there. She wasn’t particularly friends with the New York Police Department, although neither were they enemies. She and the chief treated each other a necessary evils, which was quite a normal relationship for a journalist. Sure, cops had caught her for a few violations that she didn’t commit when she realized a big story that they weren’t happy about, but it had never been like this.
John had call her just as she had gotten into office. They probably knew her schedule and had waited for her to leave the house to strike. Her husband was angry; in fact Elise was angry too. But John had asked her not to follow the case and she hadn't listened because she thought she could handle it. She had forgotten what sort of people she was researching. Government officials always had pull and the ones she was looking into had already proven that they just trampled on the law. But they had taken her kids.
Of course they didn’t put it that way down at the precinct. It wasn’t, We took your kids away because Big Brother wants you to stop looking into his business. Instead the truth was covered in lies and exaggerations. They were putting her children into child services because she lived a dangerous lifestyle were people broken into her house and they worried about the kids’ home life. Which was crap, as they proved when Elise went down to demand her children back. She was offered to be let to take them home, but only if she backed away from her case.
If they had known Elise Smith they would know that she never backed down, especially if someone threatened her kids.

Notes: I was watching NCIS today. Guess who watches too many crime shows?
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I am putting this together as a sort of writing journal to keep everything together. I plan to TRY to do daily writing prompts-or at least once a week, and put some of the other stuff I'm working on like whatI had done, but unedited, of my fan fiction I must actually finish writing. Most of this will probably be barely or unedited because it will be a page I just wrote, you know, to write. Get the brain working.


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